Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is a must. You can have the best-looking website there is but it doesn't matter if there are no visitors. At Bear and Beagle Designs we can help boost your business to the front and get the results you want.


We have put together an excellent value package that will help your business grow and reach its full potential. We have split it into five sections so you can see exactly what you would be getting.






Analytics & Reporting

We would go over your website to make sure it is fully optimized. We would create site index, check ALT tags and keywords in order to make sure it was fully optimized for ranking. We would check your analytics to see where you were at to create a baseline of your performance and conversion rate. Upon this, we would discuss with you your goals, objectives & KPIs and any extra budget you have to spend on PPC campaigns.



Digital Marketing Campaigns

We would achieve maximum search engine coverage for you with a targeted, tested and tracked PPC campaign. We would use competitor intelligence and an Adwords audit to set our goals and establish keywords for best results.




Email Marketing is still very effective and increases brand loyalty. We would create a bespoke custom HTML email template and help you with creating the content for an Email campaign.




We would provide you with high-quality backlinks to increase your rating on major search engines such as Google.



Social Media

We can help you set up and create social media accounts for your brand. We will take care of keywords and add branding to all platforms. We can help with daily administration techniques and post uniquely designed photo posts to catch people's eyes and create engaging content. We can teach you how to schedule posts and create engaging content such as Facebook live streaming video polls. We can help you make sense of your analytics and create targeted campaigns to get more likes and followers.



A full package that includes all of the above would cost £300 per month. No contract and cancel at any time. We can also offer smaller packages where only one or two aspects of marketing would take place. For example, a Social Media Marketing Package would cost £99 per month.

If you would like to contact us for any more in depth information or to quote you for a custom package then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Marketing packages from Just £99