Logo Design


It all starts with a logo. A logo is what you attach to your business for the world to see. You need it to look clean, fresh and professional. We can help with that.


We can help you create the perfect logo that represents your business and who you are. We will start with a design brief in which your designated designer will ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of who you and your business are. Simple questions such as:


- Describe your business in one paragraph

-What feelings do you want the design to evoke?

- What makes you different to everyone else?

- Do you have a tagline you want to include?


If you already have an idea of the things you want to include, or exclude then we will work closely with you to try and make your vision a reality.


Logo design Professional £45 Contact us Logo design Start Up £25 Contact Us! Contact Us

Logo design Basic £15 Contact us




Bear and Beagle logo