Who are Bear and Beagle Designs?


Here at Bear and Beagle Designs, we believe in simplicity and affordability. We also believe that your success is our success. We believe in old fashioned values and that in helping others succeed, you also succeed. We will offer advice and tips that perhapss you hadn't thought of. We don't simply want to take your money and provide a service, we want to give you the platform to achieve great things. That's why as a small business we can communicate with you through the whole process. No getting lost in the pile or talking to different people at different times. In this cut throat day and age of online services, we want to be that beacon of shining light to help guide you through it.


With over 15 years of experience in Photoshop, Web development, Design, and Marketing we can help. Having started at 15 years old doing technical designs and development for family businesses to then doing the full online marketing, we have learned fully not only how to design for a business but how a business runs. Which we believe gives us an edge.








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