What Is Joomla?


Joomla is another content management system that is hugely popular. It is not as easy or user-friendly as Wordpress, it does take a bit of learning to get used to the layout and extensions. So it does depend on your confidence level as to which we would recommend to you.


The ease of access and friendly user interface of Wordpress has made it hugely popular, meaning an influx of templates and plugins you can use. Joomla (along with Drupel for that matter), are not quite as popular and so does not have the huge variety of options that Wordpress do.


However, Joomla does offer a lot more customization flexibility and insider editing than Wordpress which means that a Joomla site can really transform into whatever it wants to be. It is a steep learning curve for those with zero web development skills, but for those with some understanding and a specific wish to use Joomla, we can help create a site for you!





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